TS Lady Angel - Transsexual Dominatrix Frankfurt !

"There must be more to life than ‘fucking‘“ is a line from ”Deep Throat“, the popular porn classic. Oh, yes! Bizarre erotic is so much more: haute cuisineinstead of home-cooked; Las Vegas instead of Bed and Breakfast. Everyone can be happy only in his or her own way and some need something more uncommon for their most intimate hours. 

Based on long-term experience as a dominatrix, I am a master of every type of sadomasochism. According to the motto “to each their own“, I practice dominance consistently and always with the necessary empathy.

A top-level dominatrix studio awaits the SM fan, completely furnished with an elaborate rack, various bondage gear, cages, intricate tortureinstruments, and a pulley system, even a feudal throne; it invites you to any kind of eroticism; starting at A=a** erotic, B=bondage, C=caging,F=fetish erotic, PVC, leather, latex, gala, and much more), … or S=sissy training. 

I frown upon any type of routine process and any simple pattern e.g. “punishment first, love later”. The playing rules – which arise exclusively from my unlimited imagination – remain hidden and inscrutable to the submissive. To the submissive, they seem to be purely random, maybe even unfair, since in the end they only serve to fulfill my own satisfaction. 

As if of their own power, my endlessly long and shapely legs force the devotee on his knees to submit himself to my sensuality and frivolity. I recommend that he doesn’t overestimate my benevolence through any errors or by being inattentive; he would then– if not sooner – notice that it’s best not to tangle with me because penance will follow right away. If you were particularly unruly or if you think you want to give me a dressing-down, then I will not hesitate to discipline you. Without batting an eye I will drill you to be a lust, bi or t** slave, if needed. 

A deep sense of pleasure will flow through you when you kneel in front of me and feel the heel of my boot on your neck while devotedly removing even the last grain of dust with your tongue; when you slowly work yourself upward – just as I instruct you to do with my whip - to be allowed to come closer toward the goal of your desires. 

Consequent bondage, even total fixation and gags, will adjust your rangeof movement to my capricious inspiration. Clamps and weights onsensitive body parts will quickly teach you to voluntarily cease any unauthorized movements simply to avoid immediate and tormenting warnings. You’ve placed yourself in this helpless situation through careless intent and you surely can’t count on my sympathy now. Just the opposite: your torment allows me to reach my peak. Temporary relief, like loosening your collar, might be granted but only so that you can continue to increase my lust. 

The GYN chair will usually serve for enema or catheter treatment, possibly even for anal stretching to increase resilience, but is also often used forbizarre erotic games. As a TV, you have come to the ultimate place. A wealth of different wigs, lingerie, high heels and dresses awaits in our TV suite to give you the desired look. Can you already move elegantly enough to be a lady, or lascivious as a vamp, even in high heels? Are you still a bit bitchy? We’ll get a handle on all of that, you’ll simply be put into shape all-around. Are your desires to be somewhat of a nymphomaniac street slut? Then I’ll style you in a slutty outfit. Now you might also be ready to drilled and presented as a wh***, and of course I will also help you lose your virginity. 

TVs with advanced obsessions have also come to the right place. With sufficient patience, there is no limit for expansion for the passionate TV … as a specialist for the TRANSFORMATION of man-to-woman; I can also take you under my wing for a longer period to perfect you as an attractivetranssexual. 

I’m also happy to receive curious beginners wishing to take a look at another type of eroticism. Your affinities will be gently and passionately explored and your visit will be an educational and eventful rendezvous – guaranteed. 

Would you like to know how you appear to others as a transvestite,transsexual, slave, as a leather, rubber or PVC fetishist, or would you simply like to have a memento? Photo shootings are possible at any time, as well as viewings in appropriately arranged groups by arrangement. Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed. 

Did you like to look at my menu? Does it appeal to you? Then think about it – I am only a phone call away from you. Let your dreams come true! 

​You can reach me at +49 (0) 172 6969690 I look forward to meeting you...